Having been involved in the R&D and production of gas engines, Weichai has manufactured nearly 40,000 sets of gas engines in total so far, which are widely used on buses, trucks, engineering machines, marine auxiliaries, etc. Weichai has engaged in R&D of LNG marine engines since 2008. So far, we have completed the overall design of such gas engine types as WP12C, X6170, M26, and 8200. In addition, we have successfully conducted the performance experiment of WP12C and 8200 gas engines.
Now we are planning to gradually perfect our product line of LNG marine engines in next three years. A wide power range from 100kW to 1000kW will be covered and HPDI technology will be achieved.

Gas Engines

Based on CW200 series diesel engines produced by Chongqing Weichai, CW200ZT series high quality gas engines are added with new ignition system and other devices. Moreover, they have different combustion fuel supply systems. Using Woodward EGS-02 electronic control system, the gas engines also incorporate air-fuel ratio adjustable lean burn technologies. By using flow valve to accurately control gas flow, they deliver stable performances. Their digital electronic throttles make the power adjustment more accurate. Their quick combustion systems ensure their low exhaust temperatures and high economic performance. Rated power rang is 440kW~880kW and rated rotation speed is 1000rpm.

Dual Fuel Engines

On the basis of X170 series diesel engines, Weichai Heavy Machinery 170 series dual fuel engines, as a new generation of energy-saving and eco-friendly engines, are jointly developed by Weichai, Shandong University and Weichai Westport. Different from the traditional way to produce dual fuel engines, Weichai 170 series dual fuel engines are born out of brand new and advanced design concept and have gone through the second round of innovation.
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