Weichai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: SZ000880) in 1998. In 2006, Weichai Heavy Machinery went through a substantial asset restructuring. By injecting the well-operated assets, namely medium-speed diesel engines and power generating sets, etc, Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd. Has become its controlling shareholder.

So far, boasting the most comprehensive range of products, Weichai has become a top-tier supplier of marine power and power generating units in China. Currently, the company is specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling 30-12000 HP medium-and-high-speed diesel engines, generating sets and powertrain system for marine power and generating device market. In the meantime, it is actively involved in the operation of such complementing business as manufacturing and selling diesel engine parts and marine gearbox parts, etc.

Weichai 6160A medium-speed diesel engine, with over 100,000 units in operation, wins the National Quality Silver Award; Weichai 170-series diesel engine, which was solely developed by itself in 1993 has already received CCS, KR, BV and RS certificates highly recognized at home and abroad; After incorporating the advantages of its counterparts and adding innovative features, Weichai CW200/250-series diesel engine is a new generation product boasts high reliability, economy and maintenance-friendliness. Since 2008, after an introduction of 27/38-series, 32/40-series, 21/31-series and 16/42-series high-power medium-speed marine diesel engines from Germany-based MAN Diesel & Turbo, Weichai has greatly expanded its product range and has become capable of producing 12000 HP diesel engines. Now with the most complete range of diesel engine products, Weichai has well-positioned itself as the only enterprise in China which has all-series marine medium-speed engines available.

With comprehensive quality guarantee system, Weichai has become increasingly recognized thanks to its sole commitment to product quality and customer service. As early as 1996, Weichai passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate, the first one among its counterparts; Weichai diesel power-generating sets have won National Communication Special Generating Sets Certificate in 2004, Certificate given by Quatlity Inspection Center of National Internal Combustion Engine Power-Generating Sets and German TUV CE Certificate in 2005. We were granted Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise Certificate, GB/T24001 and GB/T28001 Environmental/Professional Health & Safety Management System Certificate in 2011 and the honorary title of "Quality Trustworthy Enterprises" in 2012.

So far, Weichai has established long-term cooperation with globally renowned engine parts manufacturers ELWOOD and WOODWARD, which provide quality raw material and fully ensures reliability of its products. In addition, Its long-term partnership with such well known customers as China Marine Surveillance Corps, China National Offshore Oil Corporation and CSC helps it maintain the stability of its market and guarantee its continued sound growth.

Till now, over 300 maintenance stations have been built to form a well-covered service network, readily providing customer-tailor services. Moreover, 100-plus service centers with part distribution centers have already been set up to form its international service network.

President Tan Xuguang from Weichai has won a number of honorary titles. As "China's Most Influential Entrepreneur" and "National Model Worker", he is the winner of "Labor Day Medal", "Yuan Baohua Enterprise Management Gold Prize" and is elected as "the 10th and 11th NPC member". He is also "2005 CCTV Top Ten Economic Figures", "2010 CCTV Top Ten Economic Figures", and Top 25 Entrepreneurs in 20th Century in China. Now, he serves as the President of CFIE, Vice President of CMIF, CEC and CEDA and President of CICEIA.