Deciphering Tan Xuguang: What Makes the World-class Entrepreneur
2012-09-10 14:22:00   

When taking over Weichai in 1998, Tan Xuguang faced an enterprise on the verge of bankruptcy with accumulated deficit of CNY 0.3 billion.

When taking over Weichai in 1998, Tan Xuguang faced an enterprise on the verge of bankruptcy with accumulated deficit of CNY 0.3 billion. No one dared to predict the recovery of Weichai, and even no one dared to expect Tan Xuguang would lead China's manufacturing industry to the world in the following 14 years.

Along with the booming of Weichai, Tan Xuguang becomes the symbol of this enterprise. In fact, it's the world-class entrepreneur that makes the world-known enterprise.

What makes a world-class entrepreneur? The reporter interviewed the employees of Weichai to find the answer.

Never Give Up

Wang Shike, in charge of strategic development research, spoke of Tan Xuguang's struggle, when telling the reporter the 12th five-year development strategy of Weichai.

"Weichai will never be what it looks without the never-give-up spirit of Chairman Tan." Said Wang Shike.

The moment he took over Weichai , Tan Xuguang got nothing but debt of CNY 0.3 billion and unpaid-for-half-a-year employees. Instead of asking the government for help, he visited local bank president for loan. His persistence moved the president, who, rejecting Tan Xuguang at first, said: "I believe this young man will prosper the enterprise."

Coincidentally, his persistence brought the first construction machinery order. In 1999, Tan Xuguang made an appointment to visit some construction machinery vehicle manufacturers in November in order for market expansion. However, he had an car accident in late October with four ribs broken. Suffering from the pain, Tan Xuguang insisted traveling a long way to visit Hunan customers who were touched "You are amazingly impressive and we decide to buy your engines next year."

Always Be Thankful

Editor of Weichai Brand Management Department Song Cuiping told the reporter a story she would never forget.

On October 21st, 2011, a show was organized in the workshop to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Weichai. Chairman Tan said to the employees: "I see what you did and I will always keep your contributions in my mind." These words made the captain of "Three-high" testing team cry his eyes out.

Being thankful is rooted in the enterprise culture and Tan Xuguang even made Year 2011 "The Year of Gratitude". He said: "The enterprise and employees should learn to be thankful, which represents a positive and healthy attitude."

Never Be Satisfied

Close to the off-hour when we went to Weichai New-energy Technology Center, Deputy General Manger of the Group, Doctor Han Erliang was still waiting for us. In the spacious design office, over 100 technicians were working hard. Doctor Han was the team leader introduced from GM.

It's the pursuit of Chairman Tan and broad platform of Weichai that attracted Doctor Han to leave USA for the enterprise. In May 2012, Yaxing JS6126GHEV hybrid city bus spotlighted the exhibition in Beijing and the bus was the new achievement of Weichai New-energy Technology Center. The "never-be-satisfied" spirit propels Tan Xuguang to become the leader of the industry.